Monthly Archives: April 2015

7 Generations Radio: Community-based Farming–Allan Balliet

Host:  Joe Gray

Guest:  Allan Balliet, Organic Farmer in Shepherdstown, WV

Description:  Allan Balliet discusses GMO’s, organic food, food labeling, biodiversity, seed saving, vaccines, food, nutrition and local farming.

Broadcast on WSHC Radio, 89.7 FM, from Shepherd University, April 18, 2015

7 Generations Radio: Jim Surkamp–Civil War History in Jefferson County, WV–April 4, 2015

Host:  Joe Gray

Guest:  Jim Surkamp, Noted Historian and story teller of Civil War History

Discussion:  Jim describes how people, in and around the area of Jefferson County, WV survived during the Civil War.  Discussion of food, slavery, military activity, north and south factions and survival during this period.

Originally aired on April 4, 2015 from the broadcasting studio of  WSHC Shepherdstown Radio, 89.7 FM

7 Generations Radio: Open Minds–Jan Hummer, Amanda Adkins and Bonnie Hamberger–April 4, 2015

Host:  Joe Gray

Guests:  Jan Hummer, Amanda Adkins and Bonnie Hamberger

Discussion of the goals and activities of Open Minds, a non-profit organization.

Topics include the Mindfulness Summit on April 18, 2015, the goals of social and educational transformation, community strengthening and partnering to achieve goals.