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7 Generations — What’s it all about?

7 Generations is about life and its continuity, human and other.  it is about the belief that man has a niche to find in the natural order, that he has breached that and is in danger of destroying his/her self and much of the rest of nature as well.  The threats are the result of greed and a short term view of life.  But the threats are also because we have a mushrooming human population and limited resources.  They are because of our lifestyle and economic systems, and these are not easily changed.  We have become dependent upon corporate entities that have no emotional, human or spiritual makeup, save the bottom line.  We need to break that dependency by adopting locally sustainable ways that are not dependent on burning fossil fuels, or destroying the earth’s resources.  We also need to learn to rein in corporations so that they work to the benefit of mankind and the rest of nature.  We also face the threat of continuing resource wars as fossil fuel and other resources, including water, dwindle.  How will we head off or defuse those wars?  We have all the warning signs.  Only by working together will we have a chance of overcoming these threats.  Let’s have a discussion about these things. Let’s develop a vision for the future, a way out that will protect future generations. 

Melting Ice, Rising Seas

Melting Ice, Rising Seas

from Mother Jones:

“For Alley, then, the true upshot of the West Antarctica news is this: It makes saving Greenland absolutely essential. Ten feet of sea level rise will be incredibly painful to adapt to already, but 33 feet from the combined loss of West Antarctica and Greenland? It’s simply inconceivable. There is no such thing as adapting to that.”