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Climate Change: What We Can Do About It–August 6, 2016

Host:  Joe Gray

Guests:  Don Addu, Mid-South Regional Director, Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL); and Jim Probst, State Coordinator for CCL for WV.

Discussion:  The cause and rate of global warming due to fossil fuel energy, the consequences of continued warming, and the approach taken by CCL to curb the future rate of warming.  Explanation of how and why the CCL approach of a Carbon Fee and Dividend works to replace our dependence on fossil fuels with renewable energy alternatives.  The results of the Regional Economic Models, Inc. study of the impact of the Carbon Fee and Dividend on jobs and GDP.

The audio was originally broadcast on WSHC Shepherdstown, from the campus of Shepherd University on August 6, 2016.

Two Topics: After the Democratic Convention; and Carbon Sequestration–July 30, 2016

Host:  Joe Gray

Guests:  Sammi Brown, Democratic Candidate for WV House of Delegates; Sudheer Shukla, Outreach Specialist for DC Chapter of Biodiversity for a Livable Climate; and Martha Holdridge, Retired Cattle Farmer, Practitioner of Management Intensive Grazing at West Wind Farm.

Discussion:  The first part of the audio is a discussion of the status of Democratic politics following the Democratic Convention and the direction Bernie Sanders supporters may be taking.  The second part is concerned with global warming and the role of carbon sequestration in curtailing global warming, in particular the role of  better cattle grazing techniques.

For additional information on Carbon Sequestration through Management Intensive Grazing please see Martha Holdridge’s blogsite:  Grass Power

This audio was broadcast on WSHC radio from the campus of Shepherd University on July 30, 2016.

Conversation about the Democratic Convention, Environment and Criminal Justice–July 16, 2016

Host:  Joe Gray

Guests:  David Manthos,  Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic Nominating Convention; and Hassan Rasheed, Democratic Nominee for Prosecuting Attorney, Jefferson County, WV

Discussion:  A wide ranging conversation about the Democratic Convention, environmental issues and criminal justice as it relates to race relations.

Broadcast on WSHC Shepherdstown from the campus of Shepherd University on July 16, 2016.

Views expressed are those of the host and guests and are not intended to represent the views of the radio station or Shepherd University.

Addiction, Prevention and Recovery–July 2, 2016

Host:  Joe Gray

Guests:  Wendy Weaver Baracka, Teen Mental Health Counselor; Tim Payne and Emily Drewry, Recovering Addicts, Founders of Turning Point, providing Addiction Assistance and Referral; and Melody Stotler, Founder, Life or Drugs

Discussion:  Panelists discuss their experience with drug addiction, prevention and recovery, either through personal experience, family association or through their counseling and referral activities.  Various aspects of addiction prevention and recovery are discussed including counseling addicts, family members of addicts, prevention techniques such as counseling young teens about drug hazards, and helping addicts find the help they need.

addiction prevention and recovery

Timber Rattlers with Marty Martin and Jim Gray–June 15, 2016

Host:  Joe Gray

Guests:  Marty Martin, Published Biologist and Timber Rattlesnake expert.  Jim Gray, Wildlife Photographer and former Animal Handler at Busch Gardens

Discussion:  All about the Timber Rattlesnake, their behavior and life patterns, where they are found, mating, food sources, locations, numbers, etc.  Jim provides anecdotes from his experience with animals.

Originally broadcast on WSHC Shepherdstown from the campus of Shepherd University on June 15, 2016.

Note:  Recording was not activated unit a few minutes into the conversation, so the conversation begins mid-stream.

Martinsburg – Berkeley County Public Library–Employee Grievances–June 29, 2016

Host:  Joe Gray

Guests:  Consuelo Newman, Martinsburg Resident, Erin Henry, former Youth Services Librarian, Colleen Moore, former Circulation Clerk, Hedgesville Library, Philip Allphin, father of former library employee, Lilly Straub and Ashley Moore, former library volunteers.

Discussion:  Guests discuss the events occurring at the Martinsburg – Berkeley County Library since the hiring of the new library Director, Sheridan Montgomery, last January.  The guests aired a number of grievances including the management style of the director, layoffs, work environment, disposal of books,  the impact on the library and its patrons, and their difficulty in obtaining what they feel is a fair hearing on the issues.

The audio was live-broadcast on WSHC Shepherdstown from the campus of Shepherd University on June 29, 2016.

7 Generations Radio: Human Development–How is the U.S. Doing? — George Gray — June 4, 2016

Host:  Joe Gray

Guest:  George Gray, U.N. Chief Economist for Latin America

Discussion:  George talks about how the United States stacks up against other countries with respect to the U.N.’s Human Development Indices.

Originally broadcast on WSHC Shepherdstown, from the campus of Shepherd University on June 4, 2016

Note:  Portions of the audio are of poor quality.

7 Generations Radio: Primitive Skills–Jason Drevenak and Kristen Dorsey

Host:  Joe Gray

Guests:  Jason Drevenak, Founder of North American Bushcraft School and Kristen Dorsey, Founder of Divine Journeys

Discussion:  Jason talks about his experience in Africa on the National Geographic Special  called “Mygrations” as part of 20 self-sustaining individuals left to trek the Serengeti Plain. He also describes the survival skills he teaches at his School.  Kristen talks about medicinal and edible wild plants and the experience, history and effect of belly dancing on women who practice it. She talks about the video she made about the empowering experience for women who practice belly dancing.

Broadcast on WSHC Shepherdstown from the campus of Shepherd University on June 1, 2016.

Note:  Unfortunately, large portions of the audio are of relatively poor quality.

7 Generations Radio: The Renovo Center–Mental Health Treatment–June 4, 2016

Host:  Joe Gray

Guests and Discussion:  Melissa Swartz, Founder of the Renovo Center, and Tammy Thornton, Dietician and Nutrition Counselor.  Melissa discusses the incidence and causes of mental illness, with emphasis on substance abuse and addiction related illness.  Tammy discusses the role of nutrition in treating mental illness.

Originally broadcast on WSHC Shepherdstown from the campus of Shepherd University on June 4, 2016.

Note:  Portions of the broadcast are of poor quality.  Fortunately the voices of Melissa and Tammy are fairly clear.


7 Generations Radio: Cat Webster, Democratic Nominee to WV House of Delegates–May 21, 2016

Host:  Joe Gray

Guest:  Cat Webster, the Nominee of the Democratic Party to represent the 59th District (portions of Berkeley and Morgan Counties) in the WV House of Delegates

Discussion:  Cat discusses how she got into politics, the major issues facing the state, including the current budget impasse and its effect.  She also discusses fossil fuels and alternatives, worker’s rights, medical marijuana and the need for treatment for heroin addiction.

This audio was originally broadcast on WSHC Shepherdstown, from the campus of Shepherd University on May 21, 2016.

The views expressed in the accompanying audio are mine and those of my guest and do not necessarily represent the views of Shepherd University or the radio station.