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Martinsburg – Berkeley County Public Library–Employee Grievances–June 29, 2016

Host:  Joe Gray

Guests:  Consuelo Newman, Martinsburg Resident, Erin Henry, former Youth Services Librarian, Colleen Moore, former Circulation Clerk, Hedgesville Library, Philip Allphin, father of former library employee, Lilly Straub and Ashley Moore, former library volunteers.

Discussion:  Guests discuss the events occurring at the Martinsburg – Berkeley County Library since the hiring of the new library Director, Sheridan Montgomery, last January.  The guests aired a number of grievances including the management style of the director, layoffs, work environment, disposal of books,  the impact on the library and its patrons, and their difficulty in obtaining what they feel is a fair hearing on the issues.

The audio was live-broadcast on WSHC Shepherdstown from the campus of Shepherd University on June 29, 2016.