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7 Generations Radio: Chris Hale, Fracking Effects on Water Quality–4/30/2016

Host:  Joe Gray

Guest:  Chris Hale, Founder, Friends of Water, Group Coordinator at Citizens Climate Lobby

Discussion:  Chris discusses efforts to identify the extent of water contamination due to fracking activities, waste injection and sedimentation effects, particularly Radium, water testing, political support, legal barriers to regulation, local vs state vs federal jurisdiction issues.

Originally broadcast on WSHC Shepherdstown from the campus of Shepherd University on April 30, 2016.

The views of the host and guest are theirs alone and are not intended to represent the views of Shepherd University or of WSHC radio.


7 Generations Radio: Jill Merritt and Vaughn Lovejoy, Elders Rising for Intergenerational Justice–Feb 20, 2016

Host:  Joe Gray

Guests:  Jill Merritt and Vaughn Lovejoy of Elders Rising for Intergenerational Justice

Discussion:  The efforts of Elders Rising to stop the leasing of land by BLM for oil and gas exploration and drilling, the importance of elder involvement in civil action, environmental effects resulting from leasing of public action, working with Native people, the importance to future generations, strategy and tactics for civil action, effects of losing our touch with the earth.

Broadcast on WSHC Shepherdstown radio on February 20, 2016

7 Generations Radio: David Manthos, Candidate for WV Senate, Oct 17, 2015

Host:  Joe Gray

Guest:  David Manthos, Skytruth employee and Candidate for WV Senate

Discussion: Issues facing WV and proposed solutions including the epidemic of drug addiction and deaths, environmental issues, unemployment and proposals to increase employment.

Broadcast on WSHC from the Campus of Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV on Oct 17, 2015

Note:  The audio commences midstream during the conversation.

7 Generations Radio: Vision for a New Society, WV economics and politics, John Christensen and Sean O’Leary, 9/5/15

Host:  Joe Gray

Guests:  John Christensen and Sean O’Leary

Topics:  Vision for a New Society (by Joe Gray), WV Politics and Economics, Arthur Laffer and WV taxation proposals, net metering, coal and solar energy, carbon tax proposal in Seattle, the post-factual world, jobs and sustainability in WV

Audio record of radio broadcast from WSHC Shepherdstown from the Campus of Shepherd University on 9/5/2015


7 Generations Radio: Ronda Lehman, Chair, Blue Ridge Water Coalition, August 15, 2015

Host:  Joe Gray

Guest:  Ronda Lehman, Chair, Blue Ridge Water Coalition (BRWC)

Discussion:  The activities of the BRWC to monitor pollutants in the Shenandoah River, parameters monitored, test results, health impacts, the regulatory environment.

Broadcast on WSHC radio, Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV on August 15, 2015


7 Generations Radio: David Manthos, Skytruth, August 1, 2015

Host:  Joe Gray

Guest:  David Manthos of Skytruth

Discussion:  Satellite Data Observations of Oil Leakage in the Gulf of Mexico; detection of environmental damage associated with the extraction of fossil fuels; satellite tracking of illegal ocean fishing operations.

Broadcast of WSHC, Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV on August 1, 2015

Note:  The audio commences midstream as David is commenting on damages assessed against BP for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.