Monthly Archives: May 2014

What’s the Real Cost?

Capitalism is leading us off the cliff of global catastrophe and it has no solution to offer, no self-correcting mechanism. Well one, but we don’t use it..we could add all the environmental damage to the cost of the fuel and other products that cause it. That would reveal their true cost, a cost we cannot afford. Hiding these costs does not make them go away. They are borne in another form, loss of life on the planet. Can capitalism be modified and made to work for all of man and nature and not just for the few?

How Many Humans?

Since 1800 the world’s human population has increased seven fold, from one billion then to seven billion today. Given current energy consumption patterns and the rise in fossil fuel consumption from “modernizing” countries like China and India, life as we know it will not be sustainable. Some experts say that the world can sustain a human population of no more than 2 or 3 billion, given present patterns of consumption.  Education of women and birth control are seen as key to bringing the population into sustainable levels.  What are your thoughts–how can we achieve a sustainable population?

Something Better?

Could we change our way of life and adopt a more cooperative way of getting things done, without the need for wars and huge military budgets to enforce it.  If it takes this much military and police presence to maintain the present order, then is it really a good fit?  Can we find a better way?

Human Cooperation

Where have all the human cooperative models gone? They worked for many native peoples all around the world and would have continued working, without extinction, if we had not interfered and replaced their ways with ours. We snuffed out the native ways which were based on cooperation and a reverence for nature and substituted a way based on private property, wealth and accumulation. What can we learn from native cultures that will help us survive on this planet?