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7 Generations Radio: Hubert Smith, President, Martinsburg Chapter, NAACP, August 15, 2015

Host:  Joe Gray

Guest:  Hubert Smith, President, Martinsburg Chapter, NAACP

Discussion:  Pursuit of justice in the killing of Wayne Jones, a black man, by 5 Martinsburg Police Officers on March 13, 2013.  Discussion of involvement of the U.S. Justice Department in investigating this matter, and progress of appeal of lower court ruling.

Broadcast on WSHC, Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV on August 15, 2015

7 Generations Radio: Hubert Smith — the Wayne Jones killing and Community – Police Relations in Martinsburg, WV — July 4, 2015

Host:  Joe Gray

Guest:  Hubert Smith, President, Martinsburg-Berkeley County WV Chapter, NAACP

Discussion:  The killing of Wayne Jones by 5 Policemen of Martinsburg, WV on March 14, 2013, the struggle for justice and accountability.  Recent events to improve relations between the Martinsburg Police and the black community of Martinsburg.