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7 Generations Radio: Erik Janus of Compassion WV–May 7, 2016

Host:  Joe Gray

Guest:  Erik Janus, Director of Business Operations, Compassion WV, Toxicologist and Lobbyist for Medical Cannabis.

Discussion:  Erik discusses his research into the effects of cannabinoids on the human body and its usefulness for a variety of medical purposes, including treating PTSD, cancer, epilepsy and various addictive substances, including heroin.

Originally broadcast on WSHC Shepherdstown, from the campus of Shepherd University on May 7, 2016.

The views presented herein are those of the host and guest alone and are not intended to represent the views of Shepherd University or the radio station.

7 Generations Radio: Sammi Brown, Candidate for WV Delegate, 65th District–March 9, 2016

Host:  Joe Gray

Guest:  Sammi Brown, Candidate for WV Delegate, 65th District

Discussion: What inspired Ms. Brown to run for delegate.  Issues confronting WV, including budget, priorities, drugs, jobs, lack of confidence or trust in government. Her approach to service, potential solutions.

Broadcast on WSHC Shepherdstown, from the Campus of Shepherd University on March 9, 2016.