7 Generations Radio: Dr. Aart Holtslag, Shepherd University and students discuss their award winning participation in the Model UN Program

Host:  Joe Gray

Guests:  Dr. Aart Holtslag, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Shepherd University and students, Nathan Emery and Wilhelm Remberg. These students represented a larger group of students from the Political Science class who participated in and received awards for their success in the program.

Discussion:  This team participated in a recent Model UN program in which they represented various countries and issues in a format similar to actual UN protocol.  The group received several awards for their participation.

Originally broadcast on WSHC from the campus of Shepherd University on May 2, 2015.

Note:  The audio was set a little too low for the opening by Dr. Holtslag but this was cleared up after the first couple of minutes, so hang in there it gets better!


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